Pre-Order Future Shock & Get Exclusive Goodies!

We're less than two months til Future Shock's release! I'm so excited for this book and I want to give a special treat to everyone who pre-orders it. Yep, EVERYONE!

If you preorder Future Shock by March 31st, I’ll send you this exclusive swag pack:

Here's what it includes:
-A signed Future Shock bookmark
-A Future Shock postcard with a personalized thank you note from me on the back
-A signed bookplate sticker you can put inside your book
-A "Future Time Traveler" sticker*
-A hand-made origami unicorn in a surprise color*

*The Future Time Traveler stickers and origami unicorns are exclusives and are ONLY available if you pre-order the book!

Why an origami unicorn? In Future Shock the love interest Adam does origami, and he makes a unicorn with a secret note inside for Elena. (It's also a Blade Runner reference for any hardcore sci-fi fans out there.)

I have about 100 unicorns already made in a variety of colors - check out my rainbow unicorn army:


Also, check out how gorgeous the hardcover is - it's all soft matte, but the letters are shiny gold foil!

Here’s how to get your special swag pack:

1) Preorder FUTURE SHOCK by midnight on March 31st, 2016 - hardcover, ebook, or audiobook:

2) Email proof of purchase to You can forward your order confirmation, take a photo of the receipt, or take a screenshot of your order - whatever works for you. You can delete any personal information, but you don't need to - I promise I won't use or share your information in any way.

3) Include the following in your email:
-Your name and mailing address. Make sure this is exactly as it should be on the envelope!
-If there's a color you REALLY hate and do NOT want a unicorn in, let me know. The color of unicorn is going to be a surprise, but we'll try to avoid sending you one that you'll hate.

I'll email you when the swag pack is sent, so if you don't hear from me within two weeks, send your email again in case gmail ate it or something.

Order soon, cause I'm a little worried there might be a rainbow unicorn uprising if I don't find new homes for them soon!


1) Is this international?
YES! My origami unicorns are excited to travel all over the world.

2) What if we order multiple copies?
Then you get multiple swag packs and unicorns in different colors! Plus, I'll throw in a bonus surprise.

3) Did you make the unicorns yourself?
No, my husband made them because he is awesome. When I tried to make one it took me forever and looked like a dying velociraptor, so I figured I should stick to writing Future Shock 2 instead. Since my husband was the inspiration for Adam in some ways, it's sort of like you're getting a unicorn directly from Adam himself!

Here are the pre-order links again for your convenience: