Pick Me As Your Pitch Wars Mentor!

I am so excited to be a Pitch Wars mentor again!

Here's why you should pick me:

This is my fourth time mentoring Pitch Wars and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my former mentees has gotten a book deal! I’ve also become good friends with all of my previous mentees. Team Briggs is for LIFE!

-My 2012 mentee Stephanie Garber got a two book deal + film deal for her book HEARTS MADE OF BLACK with Macmillan.
Stephanie & Me
-My 2013 mentee Audrey Coulthurst got a two book deal for her Pitch Wars book OF FIRE AND STARS with Harper Collins.
Audrey & Me
-My 2014 mentee Tara Sim got a three book deal for her Pitch Wars book TIMEKEEPER with Sky Pony Press.
Tara & Me (Plus my 2014 alternate Natasha Heck)
I've also been a mentor for The Writer's Voice for the last two years (and won for the most agent requests in 2014). Many of my team members have also gotten agents and book deals!

I also write books myself! My YA time travel thriller FUTURE SHOCK comes out next April from Albert Whitman & Co, with a sequel to follow in Fall 2016. My NA romance Chasing The Dream series currently has three books out now plus a novella. The most recent one was MORE THAN FASHION, set on a reality TV show similar to Project Runway. The first book in the series, MORE THAN MUSIC, is about a rock band who goes on a reality TV show like The Voice. The second book, MORE THAN COMICS, is about online friends who fall in love when they meet in person at Comic-Con. And the prequel novella, MORE THAN EXES, was named the 2014 Read Of The Year by New Adult Book Reviews.

Most of my books feature diverse main characters, as do most of the books I've picked to mentor in Pitch Wars previously, because I'm a big proponent of diverse books. In fact, I did a cover shoot for MORE THAN FASHION to make sure it had an Asian woman on it.

I’m represented by Kate Testerman of KT Literary and I'm a member of RWA and SCBWI. I previously interned for literary agent Jill Corcoran for over a year, as well as interned for Entangled Publishing and worked as an editor for a small press. 

I’m a HUGE geek who has been to Comic-Con eight times now. This year I was lucky enough to be on a panel about choosing your publishing path with authors Sarah J Maas, Seanan McGuire, Cora Carmack, Nathan Bransford, editor Adam Wilson, and agent Holly Root.
And I'm wearing a Batgirl dress!
When I’m not working on my books I mentor at-risk teens in writing and volunteer with a dog adoption group. Music is my other passion and I have three guitars, though I don’t practice as often as I should. My husband is from England and has a sexy accent, rides a motorcycle, and makes chainmail in his spare time. We live in Los Angeles with four fluffy rescue dogs. I post lots of pictures of them (and other ridiculous stuff) over on Instagram.
At Comic-Con... told you we were geeks!
As a hybrid author and former publishing intern I’ve been on many different sides of the publishing world. I can get your work in the best shape possible and can give you advice about the many different publishing paths available right now -- and help you figure out which one might be best for you.

Here’s what I’m interested in:

Young Adult
-Science Fiction
-Mystery & Thriller
*I'm also open to other genres in YA if the book fits in with my Wants and Do No Wants (see below).

New Adult
-Contemporary Romance
-Romantic Suspense

-High concept premises
-Diverse, disabled, or LGBTQIA characters
-Romance that makes me swoon
-Unusual settings or time periods
-Strong friendships or family relationships
-Anything that makes me laugh
-Something that turns YA/NA tropes upside down
-Characters who are skilled at or passionate about something (music, baking, molecular biology, comic books – whatever!)
-Anything geeky or nerdy!

Do Not Want:
-Middle Grade or Adult novels - I am only mentoring Young Adult & New Adult this year.
-Paranormal or Urban Fantasy
-Dystopian or post-apocalyptic settings
-Novels in verse 
-Fairy tale retellings
-Quieter or more literary novels 
-Zombies, vampires, were-anythings, angels, demons, mermaids, or fairies/fae
-Books with a strong religious theme
-Books centered around sports
-Books with time travel - I LOVE these, but I'm writing the sequel to my YA time travel thriller right now and don't want any conflicts of interest.
-Books with no romance - I need at least a small romantic subplot.
-Anything involving rape or sexual abuse - these are triggers for me.
-Anything with animal abuse or pet death - I volunteer with a dog rescue and am very sensitive about this.
*If you're not sure, ask me on Twitter or in comments! Sometimes these are not 100% dealbreakers (except the last two).


Please only apply for me if you are open to honest, constructive criticism and are willing to work hard on revisions. If you think your book is ready to be published as is, I’m not the mentor for you. Expect a full revision letter plus line edits if you get picked by me.

Also, if I have critiqued for you before (in a contest or otherwise), please do not apply for me – I like to work with new people for Pitch Wars to give as many people a chance as possible.

Look around my website, and if you think I'm the right coach for you, send me an application on August 17! Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter or in the comments here (but no pitches, please).

Please visit Brenda Drake's site for more info on the submission guidelines. Good luck!