2015 Updates & Schedule

Happy New Year! Now that it's 2015, I thought I would check in with a few updates!

1) MORE THAN EXES is still free, so if you haven't checked it out yet, go grab it! It was #1 in Women's Humorous Fiction yesterday, which was so cool!

2) MORE THAN COMICS has grown so much in revisions that I'm switching it from calling it a novella and #1.5 in the series to a full novel and #2 in the series. Hopefully this will make all the Hector fans happy! Also, this is definitely my dirtiest book yet. Blame Hector. He's a naughty boy.

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3) Guess what? I have lots of books coming out this year!

Here's my tentative release schedule so far - subject to change as life happens:
More Than Comics - February 23, 2015
Behind The Seams (Julie's book) - Summer 2015
Going The Distance (Carla's book) - Fall 2015
Future Shock (my YA sci-fi)- March 2016

You know what's cool? EVERY SINGLE ONE of the books listed above has a POC main character. 2015 is definitely the year of diversity for me.

I'll try to squeeze in another book or novella at the end of 2015 if I can, but I can't promise anything yet. And in 2016 (if not sooner) I hope to launch an all new NA series. Then in 2017 the sequel to FUTURE SHOCK will be out. Yep, I have a lot of books scheduled for the next few years!

4) If you want to keep up with all my new releases the best way is to subscribe to my newsletter. I email once a month at most, and subscribers also get bonus content for my books!

5) Huge congrats to my 2014 Pitch Wars mentee Tara Sim, who signed with agent Laura Crockett of TriadaUS! That means every one of my mentees from the past 3 years of Pitch Wars has gotten an agent now. I'm so proud! Oh, and check out this interview Brenda Drake did with both of us about the Pitch Wars experience.

Fun fact: I used Tara's name (with her permission) for Hector's girl in More Than Comics. The character was originally named Emily, but I decided that name worked better for a character in a different book instead.

I think that's it for now! Thanks for reading!