Pitch Wars - Team Briggs 2015

The Pitch Wars agent round is this week and I'm thrilled to announce Team Briggs 2015! This year we had a bit of a switch-up when my first mentee Emily Skrutskie got an agent before the agent round (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!). As such, my alternate became my mentee and I got to pick a new alternate. This meant I got to work with three awesome writers, which was even better! I'm so proud of their hard work, and I know they will all go on to great things in the future!

Mentee Name: Tara Sim
Title: Timekeeper
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Historical Fantasy/LGBTQ
Word Count: 84,000

Pitch: When clock mechanic Danny falls for Colton, a boy who controls time, he’ll have more to worry about than what his mother will think. A terrorist is freezing time across England, and only Danny and Colton can stop him before time separates them forever.

First 250 words:

Two o’clock was missing.

Danny thought it must be a joke. The clock tower and the silver timepiece in his hand read 3:06 in the afternoon, when not fifteen minutes before they had read 1:51.

Because the hour between no longer existed.

He looked back at the clock face and swallowed. Not a joke.

The man beside him wrung his hands together and cleared his throat with a sound like an engine stalling. “Can it be fixed?”

Danny wrenched his eyes away from the clock. The mayor of Enfield was sweating, but then again, so was Danny.

“Er, yes,” Danny said, trying not to make it sound like a question. “Yes, it can be fixed.”

The set of the mayor’s shoulders relaxed, but not by much. “Then, please, by all means.” He gestured to the tower as if Danny had forgotten where it was.

Colton Tower was a pillar of limestone and plated cast iron that gleamed bronze in the weak sunshine. A pointed spire stood like a sentinel above the shingled roofs of Enfield. The clock face shone yellow, its numbers and hands black against the opal glass, making it even easier to see the empty space between one and three o’clock.

The clock ticked on, but Danny felt the lost hour as he would a missing finger. That wrongness, sharp and shocking, bore down on his body until he could barely breathe.

Stolen. An entire hour, a chunk of time, taken like it was the last piece of cake on a neglected platter.

Alternate Name: Natasha M. Heck
Title: Follow the Moon
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 76,000

Pitch: When Kin’s sister is summoned to return to the moon, Kin decides to climb the tallest mountain to change her sister’s fate. To do so, she must face a forest of monsters and reveal she can speak to them to protect those who will shun her— or she’ll lose her sister forever.


It was more than the usual prickle on the back of Kin’s neck, or a nudge in her mind. It hit her like a full force wind storm with battering rain.

A yokai was out there. It wound around each of her thoughts with swift precision. Her head pounded, her eyes watering. Then, all of sudden, the sensation was gone.

Her hands curled into fists while she eyed the trees surrounding her and her brother, Daitaro. She didn’t want to alarm him quite yet. He knew better than to bother her when she was quiet. Silence was savored when their two bickering siblings weren’t around.

They stepped out of the bamboo grove and headed into the outskirts of the village when someone shouted, “Daitaro!” A boy their age was kneeling in the tall grass in the ditch, a basket at his side. Kin didn’t recognize him while he waved. There was something about him she couldn’t quite place when he smiled. It was a nice smile. Maybe the nicest smile any boy had ever given her, and she liked it.

She hesitated following her brother. All the boys in the village had eyes for her sister Yugao, the girl from the moon, with her unusual blue eyes, long midnight hair, and moonlight skin. With Yugao around, Kin didn’t exist. It didn’t help that she had no idea how to be herself around other people since they weren't aware what she could do.

That she could speak to monsters.