New Book Deal: FUTURE SHOCK!

I have some VERY exciting news! My YA sci-fi novel FUTURE SHOCK has sold to Albert Whitman & Company, along with a sequel! Here's the announcement from Publisher's Weekly:
Wendy McClure of Albert Whitman has bought NA author Elizabeth Briggs's first YA project: a science-fiction novel called Future Shock plus a sequel. In the books, a Latina teenager raised in Los Angeles's foster care system with an eidetic memory is recruited by a tech company for a mission – a trip 30 years into the future. Publication is slated for March 2016; Kate Testerman of KT Literary brokered the deal for world English rights.
This has been me since finding out:

FUTURE SHOCK is probably the best book I've written so far. It was also the most difficult to write. Time travel is HARD! But it's also a really personal book in a lot of ways.

As some of you may know, I mentor "at-risk" teen girls (and a few boys) here in LA, using creative writing to help them express themselves. Most of the teens I've mentored have been Latino or black. Some were pregnant or had already had kids. Some were in foster care, or had been incarcerated or homeless at some point. I will never know most of their stories, except for the few brief snippets they chose to share with me, but they've all been through some horrible things that no kids should ever have to experience. They're also the most amazing teens I've ever met.

Many of the teens I've mentored told me they love sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes but wished they saw more of themselves in books, movies, and TV shows. I'm trying to do my small part to help with that. FUTURE SHOCK has a Latina main character in foster care who goes on a time travel adventure, kicks a lot of butt, and falls for a hot geeky guy - because teens of all backgrounds can be heroes.

This book is very different from my New Adult romances. It's a lot darker and it's not as steamy, but I think if you like my writing, you'll probably like this too. Or if you haven't read my books because you're not into NA romance, maybe this will be more your type of story.

I'm so grateful to Wendy McClure and Albert Whitman & Company for loving this book as much as I do, and giving me a chance to share it with the world. And of course, my amazing agent Kate Testerman, who never gave up during this long journey. Not to mention my wonderful critique partners, writing friends, and family members who always believed in me.

FUTURE SHOCK will be out March 2016, but you can add it to Goodreads now, sign up for my newsletter to get updates on my books, or check out the Pinterest board: