More Than Music Songs #3

For my last post on some of the songs in MORE THAN MUSIC I want to highlight two covers by Thirty Seconds To Mars. It's no secret that I named Jared Cross after Jared Leto, partly because I listened to these two covers about a hundred times while writing the book!

First is their cover of Rihanna's "Stay." In the book, Jared sings this to Maddie while playing the piano, which leads to things getting a bit steamy...because what girl wouldn't melt hearing a guy sing this to her? (Also, I saw Thirty Seconds To Mars perform this live last year, it was amazing.)

Second is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," which starts out as a song that Jared and Maddie sing together for fun and later becomes pretty important in the book. I knew I had to use this song after hearing Jared Leto sing, "I don't want to be friends." Also, he's playing the piano in this video, which is always hot.

So when you read certain scenes in the book feel free to come back here and watch these videos for the full experience! ;)