Writers Talking Writing

I've been tagged for this blogfest about writing by my buddy Jessica Love, whose book PUSH GIRL comes out June 3. You can check out her own entry here! I don't like to tag people, but you are ALL welcome to participate - and then make sure to post your links in the comments so I can check them out!

Confession: Megan actually writes all my books.

What are you currently writing?

I'm finishing up the copyedits and final revisions on my NA book MORE THAN MUSIC, which comes out in a month, eeek! I'm also drafting a prequel novella about the keyboardist in the band, who reunites with his ex at the Battle of the Bands he's competing in. I've never written a novella before, so it's exciting to try something new!

What makes your work different?

Even though my current books are New Adult romance, I think they're a bit more plot-focused than some other ones because I used to write sci-fi and LOVE to plot. The book is also laced with geeky references, because that's just who I am, and you don't see that too much in romance (although some of my favorites are super geeky... maybe I'll do a post on them sometime). MORE THAN MUSIC is also more light and fun than a lot of NA, and I tried to avoid a lot of the overused tropes when I was writing it.

Why do you write what you do?

I write the books I want to read that haven't been written yet.

What is your writing process?

I've written five books now, and what I've found works best for me is a very messy fast draft. First I do a Save The Cat Beat sheet, followed by a more detailed outline. For the first draft I write pretty sparse and concentrate more on getting plot and dialogue and important stuff down. When drafting I  use the methods in this amazing post by Rachel Aaron and Write Or Die to do 30 minute 1k word sprints. I wrote all 60k words of MORE THAN MUSIC's first draft during November for NaNoWriMo.

I always discover a ton about my book once I actually finish the first draft, so once it's done I make an entirely new outline and a chapter by chapter revision plan. Then I do a VERY heavy revision/rewrite where I fix all the plot issues and character stuff, add in more descriptions and internal thoughts, etc. I tend to rewrite and move around a ton of scenes at this stage, so a lot of the first draft gets completely tossed. The book tends to grow by about 10k or more too - MORE THAN MUSIC shot to about 73k in revisions.

By the end of this process I have a very solid second draft that my CPs can critique, and then I do another round of revisions based on their feedback. I repeat this step as much as needed (including with my agent) until I'm satisfied with the book. This method doesn't work for everyone, but I've found it's the best way for me to write and revise a book.

Your turn - what’s your writing process like?