Genre: YA contemporary
Word count: 75,000


Blue Baker loves cheerleading, and it’s really annoying that no one understands why—not her hippie mom or her loser brother or even her best friend. There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of perfecting a stunt and impressing judges. It’s the place where Blue’s one-hundred-percent in control, which is kind of missing in the rest of her life.

But when Mom’s kidney disease worsens, Blue’s the only donor match. Give up her last year on the cheerleading squad or give up one half of her kidney supply? Figuring it out puts Blue in a Place of Suck. Blue puts off making a decision in the Kidney Situation and vows to at least have a say in her senior year—both on and off the mat.

After years of being the squad’s no-name cheerleader, she gives one of the popular girls a second chance at friendship and even lets herself hope a cute jock returns her crush. But Blue’s desire to take control of her life has unintended consequences, and the most popular clique at school isn’t about to accept an interloper. Especially one who doesn’t always say the right things and comes with the school pariah as a best friend. Blue has to hit all the right motions or she’ll lose her old friends, her spot on the squad and maybe even her mom.

First page:

Polyester is the devil’s fabric.

I’m standing outside the gym with my back against a bank of freshman lockers. These are the worst lockers in the entirety of Watford High School. About as far away as you can get from classes and the student parking lot, yet close enough to the locker rooms to get a lovely eau de jockstrap wafting down the narrow hall.

The whole school is rumbling by like cattle at the feedlot. Shuffling feet. Talking, shouting, the occasional moo. And here I am, with my hands stuck up my polyester cheerleading skirt, attempting to get some rogue spankies back in place.

It’s the first week back at Watford High. Obviously, we need a pep rally, right? Because I know that’s what was top of my mind when I thought about starting my senior year of high school. “Yay English” and “This year’ll be great” and “Don’t drink and drive,” etc.

That all means I, a Watford High varsity cheerleader, had to bolt out of fifth period art to throw on my uniform, scrape my stubbornly straight brown hair into a pony, and tie the world’s most depressed ribbon around said pony. In about five minutes flat. Somewhere in the process, my undies went to war with my bodysuit, and spankies placement was a casualty. One butt cheek is peeking out, and the spankies have wriggled into my, you know, lady region, and I have a spectacular camel toe that will really stand out nicely when I have to do a heel stretch.