The Writer's Voice Results

The Writer's Voice wrapped up last week, and I'm so excited that my team won with 32 total votes! That also means three years in a row as winner for Krista (my assistant coach), who must have some sort of magic agent attraction powers. I'm so proud of Team Rock Star and thrilled that every single entry got a request!

#1 A CHAIR OF EVERY COLOR (MG) - Sara Megibow, Taylor Haggerty, Renee Nyen
#2 THE LEGEND OF LONESOME FALLS (YA) - Mollie Glick, Sara Megibow, Renee Nyen, Caryn Wiseman, Bridget Smith, Monika Verma, Taylor Haggerty, Victoria Marini, Ginger Knowlton, Ammi-Joan Paquette, Elena Giovinazzo, Brianne Johnson, Lisa Jane Weller*
#3 LIV ON FIRE (YA) - Renee Nyen, Taylor Haggerty, Carrie Pestritto
#6 BLUEBELL BAKER SUCKS AT LIFE (YA) - Emily Gref, Caryn Wiseman, Monika Verma, Brianne Johnson
#7 MY BEST FRIEND RUNS VENUS (MG) - Emily Gref, Carrie Pestritto
#8 POISON DAMSEL (YA) - Mollie Glick, Emily Gref, Caryn Wiseman, Monika Verma, Taylor Haggerty, Ginger Knowlton, Erin Harris, Stefanie Lieberman*, Lisa Jane Weller*

*Lisa Jane Weller of Broadland Literary and Stefanie Lieberman of Janklow & Nesbit were our two ninja agents! With their votes we're at 36 total, woo!

Huge thanks to Krista Van Dolzer for assisting me and organizing this contest, and to the other coaches Brenda DrakeMónica Bustamante WagnerKimberly P. Chase, for all their hard work and help with everything. Thank you also to all the writers who participated, and to all the agents who took the time to stop by!

And if you're a writer who missed out on The Writer's Voice, stay tuned for Pitch Wars later this year, where I will be a mentor for the third time!