Good News For The KT Triplets!

Over a year ago, three strangers signed with Kate Testerman of KT Literary within a few weeks of each other, and soon became good friends. Susan Adrian, Krista Van Dolzer, and I became the "KT triplets," and you may remember we did a fun chat with our agent about signing with her. Now I'm super excited to announce that BOTH of my KT sisters have sold their books! HAPPY DANCE TIME!

You probably all know the wonderful Krista Van Dolzer, thanks to her awesome agent interviews and contests (such as the Writer's Voice, going on now). She works so hard to help other writers, and I'm so thrilled she has sold her MG novel THE REGENERATED MAN to Shauna Rossano at Putnam!
Author of the popular blog Mother.Write.(Repeat.) (, Krista Van Dolzer, sold her debut novel, The Regenerated Man, to Shauna Rossano at Putnam. Agent Kate Schafer Testerman at kt literary handled the North American rights deal, and the book is scheduled for winter 2015. The middle grade novel is set in postwar California and, Testerman said, has elements of science fiction, as it follows a young girl who becomes the sole defender of “a bio-engineered Japanese soldier.”

My other KT sister Susan Adrian is also amazing, and wrote a wonderful guest post for Nova Ren Suma on how her novel THE TUNNEL brought back her love of writing. I'm so incredibly happy that this book has sold to Brendan Deneen at St Martin's Press!
In a second deal coming out of St. Martin’s Press this week, Brendan Deneen bought world English rights to Susan Adrian’s debut, The Tunnel. The YA thriller, which Kate Schafer Testerman at kt literary sold, is set for a summer 2014 release. In the novel, a teenage boy who has a power he calls tunneling—he can decipher where anyone in the world is (and what they’re doing) by holding something they own—is brought to the attention of the U.S. government. Adrian, a former ballerina, lives in Montana.

Don't both of these books sound awesome? I'm so proud of my KT sisters, and so thankful to Kate for signing such talented writers and finding the perfect homes for their books!