Pitch Wars - My Picks!

The Pitch Wars picks are in! Have you checked out Brenda's post with all of them?

I've been dying to announce my choice from the moment we closed to applications, so let's get to it!

My pick is... LOST STARS BROKEN GALAXY (YA sci-fi) by Stephanie Garber! I read her pitch and immediately thought "YA Firefly!" and then I LOVED the pages and desperately wanted to see what happened next. I couldn't stop thinking about this book, and I just KNEW it was the one. I can't wait to work with Stephanie!

My two alternates are MYSTIC COOKING (YA fantasy) by Heidi Lang & Kati Bartkowski, and BLACK HEART, RED RUBY (YA gothic horror) by Teresa Yea! I loved both of these queries and pages so much that I wanted to make sure I could work with them, even if I won't be mentoring them for the actual contest. Honestly, they're both in such great shape I think they'll be snatched up soon anyway! Plus, we have something awesome planned for our alternates...so stay tuned for more on that.

(Weird coincidence: all the people on my team are located in my state, California! This was not intentional, I swear!)

Now for a little Pitch Wars recap... I got 41 applications total, which is a lot, but many mentors got way more! I'm sort of a nerd, so here's how they broke down:

Sci-fi 16
Fantasy/Steampunk 13
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Horror/Magical Realism 8
Contemporary/Thriller 4

I want to thank everyone who applied for me to be their mentor. I was truly humbled by all the amazing applications I received, and it was VERY hard to narrow it down to three picks. Please know that I greatly respect everyone who applied, and want to help you all succeed as much as possible. I did send personalized rejections for everyone who applied to me, so hopefully that will help a little. But all of my applicants are welcome to send me questions any time, or contact me here or on twitter.

There were various reasons why I didn't choose certain applications, but the most common one was that I just didn't love them enough. That's a hard reason to explain, but think about books that you've read. You probably enjoyed a ton of them - but how many of them would you read twice? Or work extensively on, spending many hours of your time? Probably not many, right? The same is true for us mentors (and for agents too!). And unfortunately, I could only choose 3 applications even if I wanted to pick more!

I think an important thing to note is that only two of the mentors picked the same first choice - that means the rest of us all loved something different. And that means someone else might love your work too. You just have to keep writing, keep querying, and keep trying to improve your craft. It's hard, but it will pay off if you stick with it.

On that note, the Pitch Wars mentors are starting a forum for writers (including people who didn't enter Pitch Wars!) to find critique partners and connect - so check that out at www.cpseek.com/ !