World Fantasy Convention 2011

The other day I was uploading photos from my camera and found all these old photos from conventions and events I'd been to and then forgot to post. Duh. Some of these events were over 6 months ago! I KNOW, I'm terrible at posting photos. And taking photos. And having my photo taken. You get the idea. Anyway, I'm posting a few of them now, so enjoy!


Way back in October of last year I went to World Fantasy Con in San Diego, which featured NEIL GAIMAN, who did panels and interviews and book signings. Yes, I stood in the presence of Neil Gaiman. I even talked to him briefly. It's okay, you can touch me.


One panel featured fantasy and urban fantasy authors (Jane Kindred , Kate Elliott, Malinda Lo, Charlaine Harris, and Nancy Kilpatrick), who discussed women's vs men's fantasy and horror, and what it was like to be a female author in a male dominated genre. Charlaine Harris (of True Blood fame) was freaking hilarious!

Jane Kindred , Kate Elliott, Malinda Lo, Charlaine Harris, Nancy Kilpatrick

Another panel with Marlene Perez, Cindy Pon, Karen Healey, and Tamora Pierce was about YA fantasy and how to transition readers to adult fantasy. From what I recall it just turned into a panel about how awesome YA fantasy is. Tamora Pierce was also SUPER FUNNY and brilliant and amazing.

Marlene Perez, Cindy Pon, Karen Healey, Tamora Pierce

There was also a panel with people from the San Diego zoo, who brought out all sorts of weird animals like anteaters and armadillos and this cat-bear thing, and let us look at them. I guess to inspire us to write fantasy books with weird animals? I don't know.

To inspire our Harry Potter fanfiction.

One evening of WFC we left the event and went to a local library for a wonderful Diversity in YA panel featuring Malinda Lo, Cindy Pon, Cinda Williams Chima, Holly Black, Karen Healey, and Greg van Eekhout. Why are there no more Diversity in YA events? This makes me very sad!

Malinda Lo, Cindy Pon, Cinda Williams Chima, Holly Black, Karen Healey, Greg van Eekhout

WFC isn't a huge convention but, as you can tell, full of BIG TIME authors. And since it's a smaller setting, you can really talk to these authors and interact with them. I also met Sharon Shinn and Garth Nix, two of my all time favorite authors, and told them how much they'd inspired me to become a writer. I left this convention with SO MANY signed books. Good thing we were driving home!

These are the books I took to WFC. We left with even more!

WFC is also one of those conventions that moves to a new location each year. 2012 is in Toronto, Canada and 2013 is in Brighton, England- so if you live near either of those places you should definitely go!

More photos from other events soon...