Passion & Prose and LA Times Festival of Books 2012

Time for more photos!

Passion & Prose 2012

Passion & Prose was a brand new event in February, which featured romance and YA authors and readers in a small, intimate setting-- basically having one big lunch together. The event had a few problems since it was new (for example, I couldn't sit with my friend), but overall it was really fun. One of the highlights was meeting Meg Cabot, whom I love love love. She is SO FUNNY. I could listen to her speak all day.

Meg Cabot

The event also featured the Breathless Reads YA tour, with Beth Revis, Sarah Wilson Etienne, Jessica Spotswood, Andrea Cremer, and Marie Lu. All five of them were brilliant and I loved meeting them.

Beth Revis, Sarah Wilson Etienne, Jessica Spotswood, Andrea Cremer, Marie Lu

Overall, it was a great event because we could really mingle with the authors and hang out with them. I look forward to next year's Passion & Prose!

LA Times Festival of Books 2012

I went to both days of the LATFOB, but only took pictures of one panel, aka the best panel ever: The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth. This panel featured my KT Lit sister Maureen Johnson, plus Amber Benson, John Scalzi, and Pamela Ribon. This was one of the funniest panels I have ever attended!

Amber Benson, Maureen Johnson, John Scalzi, Pamela Ribon

Someone gave John a box of Redshirts cookies, to celebrate his new book. Too cute!

At some point, John pointed out that Maureen was giving him a crazy look. She denied it, and said that's just how she normally looks. Here he tries to block her evil gaze.

More photos to come when I get back from Comic Con (and I'll try to tweet lots of updates too). And good news my friends! I got a new camera, so my Comic Con pictures will (hopefully) be less blurry. Yay!