Movie Scores For Writing

Some people make playlists for their books. Others need complete silence when they write. I've found I write best when I'm listening to movie scores. There's something about big, epic music that makes me feel like I'm right there in the scene with my characters.

I have a lot of movie scores I love, but there's usually one that really works for a specific book. Sometimes I have to try a few different scores until I find the perfect match.

For ALTERNATE, I worked best to the Tron Legacy score by Daft Punk. It had a high tech, fast paced feel to it that I loved.

For my current book, 24 HOURS IN THE FUTURE, I needed something darker but equally epic. I found the perfect music in the Inception score by Hans Zimmer.

What kind of music do you write to? Do you know any movie scores I should check out?