The House Of Overflowing Books

Today's Blog Me MAYbe topic is "May I tell you something about myself?"

One thing that always surprises people (or maybe not?) when they come to my house is the sheer number of books we have. My husband and I are both fast, voracious readers, and we spend way too much of our paycheck on books. In fact... you can find books in EVERY SINGLE ROOM of our house.

In the library/guest room:

In the office:

In the living room:

In the TV room:

In the bedroom:

In the bathroom:

And even in the kitchen!

(If you look closely, you can see Nicki's reflection in the microwave. The dogs always sneak into my photos somehow!)

Okay, so that was embarrassing. Does anyone else have books taking over their house? Tell me I'm not alone here!