Comic Con 2011 Wrapup

Comic Con this year was AWESOME, but also exhausting. I got back Sunday evening and went right to work the next morning, and then this weekend I had a party and a concert, so I've had no time off at all to relax. Whew, I'm really tired! But it was all worth it, because Comic Con is my favorite five days of the entire year. Plus it was my birthday, and what better party could there be than with 200,000 other nerds?

I dressed up on Thursday and Sunday as Katniss. Unfortunately not that many people recognized it- although the people at the Lionsgate booth (the ones making the Hunger Games movie) did, so that was cool. Just wait, next year everyone will be dressed as Katniss!

I'm trying to look fierce, but I think I just come across as tired. Oh well.

On Saturday my husband and I wore our Nerd Herd costumes for the Chuck panel. Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos of them. Oof. I blame the fact that we woke up at 4am and then stood in line for 6 hours for the Chuck panel. (Yes, we are insane. But it was worth it.) I'll have to get dressed up in my costume again sometime and snap a photo. Bad Liz.

I didn't take many pictures this year, mainly because the media covers Comic Con so much now, and you can find great posts about it in other places. However, I did take a photo of my favorite costume: Hello Kitty Slave Leia with her Imperial handler.

And I got a shot of the coolest thing I saw outside of Comic Con, the giant rainbow unicorn dragon. It marched up and down the streets every evening with a huge entourage to promote Adventure Time.


This year I went to almost all of the YA panels, and they were amazing. First I went to the Magic & Monsters panel with Kim Harrison, Andrea Cremer, Anton Strout, Lev Grossman, Ben Loory, J. F. Lewis, and Diana Rowland.

Right after that was the No Damsels In Distress Here panel with Marie Lu, Chloe Neill, Jeanne Stein, Merrie deStefano, Carrie Vaughn, Seanan McGuire, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

On Saturday I got to see the Diversity in YA panel, with Cindy Pon, Kiersten White, Dave Roman, Vera Brosgol, Gene Yang, Elizabeth Bunce, and Malinda Lo.

And on Sunday I went to the panel I was most looking forward to, the What's Hot in YA panel with Nathan Bransford, Andrea Cremer, Amanda Hocking, Tahereh Mafi, Stephanie Perkins, Laini Taylor, and Kiersten White. I love all of these authors (or want to read their books) so this was probably my favorite panel. (Picture below also includes Kami Garcia, who was on a panel later that I sadly had to miss.)

In between panels I bought a lot of stuff, such as the SDCC exclusive Domo, who looks like he is in the Nerd Herd (the one on the left is last year's Domo).

I also bought THE LAST My Little Pony they had. I felt bad for the people behind me, but IT WAS MINE MWAHAHA! I have the exclusive My Little Pony for every year I've been going, and I was ready to fight some cosplayers for it this year. I also got an Okami keychain cause it was the cutest thing ever.

And of course I got a ton of BOOKS! Some of which you can win soon, including signed ARCs.

The giveaway will be up once I've finished sorting through the swag, which might be a problem since Nicki has claimed it all for herself.

Next up: the LA SCBWI conference!