Off to Comic Con!

Today I'm off to Comic Con in San Diego for the next five days! This is my 4th year going to Comic Con, and it's the highlight of my entire year. My husband can attest that during July it's pretty much the only thing I can talk (or think) about.

This year I'm wearing not one, but TWO costumes, because I've seriously gone off the deep end.

Last year, my husband and I wore Nerd Herd costumes from the TV show Chuck. Since this is probably the last Chuck panel we'll be donning our Nerd Herd costumes again this year.

I'll be wearing my Nerd Herd costume on Saturday for the Chuck panel and the Nerd Tweetup that evening. (If you're a fan of the show, you can read about last year's Chuck madness here.)

My other costume will be one that not as many people will recognize, but I'm hoping a few of the YA and book nerds will get it. I'll be going as Katniss!

Got the orange backpack, the mockingjay pin, and my husband even spray painted the bow silver. I styled my costume after the description in the book and the UK cover:

I haven't decided which day(s) I'll wear my Katniss costume yet. A lot of the book panels are on Sunday, but it's a shorter, quieter day, so I might end up wearing it Thursday and/or Friday too. Which means hand washing my clothes in the hotel bathroom again. Oh, the joys of costumes at conventions.

There are a lot of YA panels this year, and I'll be tweeting and taking photos all during the convention. When I get back I'll have an epic roundup, plus a giveaway or two (last year I gave away two giant boxes of swag).

And if you're going to Comic Con and see me there, say hi!