Newer blog readers may not know this, but we have 5 fluffy dogs in the Briggs house, and at least 3 of them are total monsters.

At some point my husband and I decided the dogs weren't allowed on the side part of our yard anymore. Why?

Observe the kind of trouble they got into here:

From the great dog bed explosion of 2010. Notice Gabby's look of pure mischief.

Our second piece of evidence:

Gabby, of course, is delighted with herself, but Ella is beginning to suspect this might not have been such a good idea.

So to prevent any more of these mishaps, my husband and I temporarily erected a doggy gate, which was held up by half dead plants, a wood crate, and a lot of wishing really hard.

We were lucky none of the dogs realized they could jump on it and knock it over, but it was only a matter of time. At Christmas my father in law visited us from England and decided to tackle this problem with my husband… and after a few days, they built us a gate!

Pretty nice huh? And there are no half dead plants holding it up!

Look at my husband putting on the latch. He is so manly! I even contributed by painting the gate.

Of course, the dogs are not especially happy with the new gate…

Gabby thinks maybe she can climb on Nicki’s back to get over the fence.

Spoiler alert: this plan doesn’t work.

Oof! Ok, maybe they can go under it?

Nope. Poor trapped doggies!