Significant Other Blogfest!

Today I have a treat - my husband wrote a post as part of the Significant Other Blogfest, hosted by DL Hammons and Talli Rowland! He won't let me edit it, so let's hope it isn't too embarrassing...

Liz and I met about eight years ago, while I'd only briefly been living in CA. We lived together for a while, before getting married a year ago. Liz is my best friend, we share the same interests and enjoy the same things. Of course, we're not exact duplicates of each other - I can't write fiction, for example, and she has no interest in unicycling. We all have our weaknesses, I guess :-)

She puts up with my incessant blathering about the topics that are important to me, that manifest as me spending hours grumpily sitting in front of my computer. I'm elbow-deep in code that I have to keep throwing away, rewriting, and feeling depressed about.

She gets the same but with words instead of code. I guess the things we do aren't that different, in the end.

So anyways; I don't get why unconditional support is meant to be hard, from the blog post that started this. Of course I unconditionally support Liz with her writing and stuff, because that's... well, that's what I do. It's not a question, it's not difficult, it just *is*.

Thus the obligatory questions:

1. What food or drink is guaranteed to return your loved one to a good mood, even after a bad day writing?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Doubly so if it's seasonal: Apparently the egg/heart/christmas tree/pumpkin ones "taste better".

2. What one thing would you change about your others writing habits?

She needs to actually, you know, *write* more!

Don't get 3/4 through the book then start a rewrite, because you end up never finishing it - you just get 3/4 of a book done, a whole bunch of times in a row.

3. How hard is it to sit by and watch someone you care for struggle to attain a dream...knowing there's very little you can do to help?

Actually I don't find it difficult, since it cuts both ways.

I can never expect her to help me out with my crazy habits (mainly programming for fun in my spare time as well as at work), but I know that I can do it and get it done in the end. There's nothing she could directly do to help me with this, so she settles for the indirect stuff: not giving me too much hassle when I blather about it. Baking cookies on occasion. I help her indirectly, as I'm able. Supplying Reeses Cups. Doing my best to provide ideas when asked.

In every way, I believe Liz will succeed as an author - her writing is certainly better than a lot of writers out there. When it comes right down to it, I believe that she'll soon get published and her book will succeed.

Yes, that is my husband pictured above, wearing a clown nose, juggling, and riding a unicycle, in his former place of employment. How could I NOT fall for him?

And the pumpkin Reeses DO taste better, and someday I WILL stop falling victim to the 3/4 rewrite (maybe) (ok probably not).

Many thanks to my lovely husband for participating, and for being supportive of my writing and my blog.  What does your significant other think about your writing? Have they ever posted on your blog before?