Writing Resources: Superstars Writing Seminars

YA author Maureen Johnson recently posted about shady writing contracts and the lack of classes on the business of writing in MFA programs.

This is a big problem, not just for writers in MFA programs, but for all aspiring authors out there. Most new writers have no idea how the publishing industry works, or what agents do, or what a contract should have in it. This can lead to a lot of writers falling for bad contracts or giving money to people who will take advantage of them.

So today I want to talk about a writing conference I attended that offers advice on this subject.


Superstars Writing Seminars is a three day conference focused on the business aspects of writing, taught by New York Times Bestselling authors.

Take a look at the authors teaching this seminar:

Isn’t the line up incredible? This is not one of those writing classes where the teacher is someone who hasn’t published anything. These are authors whose books sell thousands of copies every year. They make a living off of their writing and are incredibly successful at it: in fact, Brandon Sanderson is currently #1 on the NY Times list this week.

This conference focuses on the business side of writing ONLY. It does not go over story arcs, or creating complex characters, or any of that. You can get that information from numerous other books, websites, and conferences.

Instead, these authors go over real contracts, royalty statements, and proposals. They tell you what agents do, what they don’t do, and give tips for getting one. They tell you what to expect in the publishing industry and what to watch out for. They show you marketing tips that worked for them, and give you advice on selling and promoting your book.

I attended this conference earlier this year (before I started the blog) and it was an amazing learning experience. I took pages and pages of notes, and I know the things I learned will help me when I try to publish my book.

The authors were incredibly accessible during the conference and really wanted to help us succeed. They taught each panel themselves, for all three days, and sometimes brought in special guests to help. They took time during the conference (and during breaks, and at meals, etc) to answer questions and talk to people. They even offered to introduce any student at the conference to agents and editors at future events.

The next seminar is in Salt Lake City on January 13-15, and I highly recommend it. Trust me, the information you receive is SO worth the cost. If you are confused about the business of writing, or feel lost in the publishing world, this seminar will help.

The website is http://www.superstarswritingseminars.com/ and it has all the details. Let me know if you have any questions!