NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 6: NaNo Benefits

How are you doing with your NaNoWriMo progress? I am a bit behind, but hope to catch up this weekend.

Are you still on the fence about doing NaNo? Here are some of the benefits:

-Everyone's first draft is crappy, so you might as well get it over with as soon as possible, right?

-During NaNo you can try new out new ideas that you might not be bold enough to try otherwise. Hey, if your book is horrible in the end, you will have only wasted a month working on it.

-You will learn to write every day, and will develop writing discipline. Even if you don't stick to 1667 words after the month is over, your body and mind will be used to writing all the time. You can train yourself to make writing a hobby.

-You will probably figure out a writing schedule that works for you, which you can continue after the month is over. Do you like to write in small chunks or do you need a block of uninterrupted time? Do you like to write in the morning or the evening?

-NaNo is also a great way to discover yourself as a writer. Try an outline or just wing it. Try writing at home versus in a coffee shop. Try writing with music or without. Soon you'll discover what works best for you.

-NaNo gives you a deadline and a daily word goal. If you're a procrastinator like me, this will be insanely helpful for you. Every night you can enter your word count on the site and then check your graph and your progress compared to your friends. I always feel a little thrill when I enter my word count and see my graph go up.

-NaNo is the one month when tons of other writers are doing the same crazy thing you are. There are forums, write ins, parties, t-shirts, word wars, pep talks, and all sorts of other ways to connect with other writers. This is the one month when being a writer doesn't seem so lonely or insane anymore.

-You get cool prizes for winning, like a discount on Scrivener and Storyist, and a free proof copy of your book from CreateSpace. Plus a nifty web badge and certificate announcing you won.

-If you've never finished a novel before, NaNo is a way to finally get it done. You won't believe how amazing it feels to write "the end!"

There is still time to join the NaNoWriMo train. Go sign up! Even if you're working on a rewrite you can join, and be a rebel like me.