Writing Resources: The Other Side of the Story

The Healing Wars: Book II: Blue FireThis week I’ll be talking about Janice Hardy’s new fantasy novel Blue Fire, the second book in the Healing Wars trilogy.

I found this series thanks to Janice Hardy’s excellent blog on writing The Other Side of the Story. If you’re a writer of any genre you definitely need to follow it. She posts every day about various topics for writers, critiques other people’s work and answers questions, and gives tips on everything from outlines, to editing, to getting an agent.

Janice's posts on plotting completely changed the way I outlined my book when I decided to rewrite it. I'd tried to outline before, but none of it worked for me until I read how she plots her books. If you have a hard time outlining or plotting I highly recommend them: I Love it When a Plan Comes Together, Part One & I Love it When a Plan Comes Together, Part Two

If you're stuck with writer's block during the first draft, Janice's post about breaking through might help: Living on the Wall.

After you've done the outline and slogged through the first draft, many writers wonder "now what?" Janice has a great post on how to start revisions after the first draft is done: First Look at a First Draft.

Janice also answered my question on her blog about how to show characters learning to use new powers without boring the reader: We Need a Montage!

Here are a few other posts I found especially helpful:

Seven Deadly Sins (If You're a First Chapter) - What not to do when opening your book.
All That Glimmers Could Be Plot - Turning a basic idea into a plot.
In The Flesh - Writing interesting side characters.
Arc Enemy - Keeping track of all your story arcs.
The End - Writing book, chapter, and scene endings

Make sure you check out her blog for more writing tips!