Gail Carriger Signing & Tea Party

Blameless (The Parasol Protectorate)On Saturday I was lucky to attend the Gail Carriger signing and tea party at my favorite bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy. Gail's new book Blameless, the third in the Parasol Protectorate series, debuted last week on the New York Times Bestseller list. I reviewed the first two in the series here, and highly recommend it for anyone who likes historical romance, steampunk, and a witty heroine not afraid to bash werewolves over the head with a parasol.

When we got to the bookstore it will full of people in amazing costumes. So many people got dressed up for the event!

Don't mess with these ladies... they have parasols and ray guns and aren't afraid to use them.

Mysterious Galaxy really knows how to put on an amazing author event. The staff all dressed up, and offered an assortment of biscuits and real English tea (much to my husband's delight). Here Gail is introduced to a packed crowd of fans while she sips her tea.

Gail read the first scene she wrote for Soulless (when Alexia tells Ivy she accidentally killed a vampire at a ball), and she also answered questions about the series. She told us the books have a lot of "cookies" for the careful reader (like Easter Eggs in movies and video games), such as the character's names. She also hinted she might be doing a YA series set in the same world next - can't wait for that!

After the reading and Q&A, Gail signed all three of my books and then my husband and I got a photo with her. Isn't she cute? I love her gloves and her hat.

I'm pretty sure I was the least steampunky person there. Even my husband's shirt had robots!

Cindy Pon, author of the wonderful YA fantasy Silver Phoenix, was also at the signing. I met her at Comic Con and she is awesome. We had a nice chat about books and writing and having husbands from across the pond.

The signing was so much fun, and I can't wait to read Gail's next book in the series (coming in 2011). If you've read the first two books you definitely need to pick up Blameless! If you're new to the series you will want to read them in order, starting with Soulless.