Dogs Vs. The Dog Bed

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For those of you who are new, I have five rescue dogs, and three of them are young. Young, active dogs = lots of destructive tendencies. But they’re so cute, what can you do?

For example, the other day we walked into our back yard to find this:


Yes, they somehow got their dog bed (and a random Santa toy) out through the dog door, which Nicki can barely squeeze through herself cause she is so chubby.

Then they went to town on it, as Nicki demonstrates here.


When Gabby and Ella saw Nicki was showing off for the camera they both had to join in.


Then they all tried to get inside it and ride it like a surf board. This did not go so well.


All they managed to do was turn the bed inside out and throw even more stuffing all over the patio!


Gabby doesn’t understand what the problem is. Hey, they just are decorating the yard! Kinda like they did that other time!


Poor dog bed. This is why they are not allowed nice things anymore!