Visit to the UK, Part 3: Wales

In June my husband and I traveled to the UK to visit his family and attend his sister’s wedding. Check out Part 1, where we visited the Tower of London, and Part 2, where we adventured in a wild animal park in Kent.

After the wedding, we traveled to Wales to visit other members of my husband’s family. They live outside of Aberystwyth, which is a town on the western coast of Wales. Aber (as they call it) is the home of Aberystwyth University, which I’ve heard has a wonderful creative writing program.


Wales is interesting because all the signs are in both Welsh and English. Here is a shot of the main road in Aber – you can see the writing on the street is repeated in both languages.


These are mostly hotels along the boardwalk, looking out over the ocean. (Note: look how they park! You’d never get away with that here.)


We took the cliff railway to the top of a mountain, where we got a perfect view of the town.


The town is small enough to walk through in a few hours, but has just about everything you might need.


And the coolest thing - right in the middle of the town stands the ruins of a castle. They’ve made it like a park so you can stroll through, have picnics there, walk your dogs, or sit and enjoy the ocean breeze for a bit.

At the center of the ruins was a circle of stones, and each had Celtic writing on it. Like a mini Stonehenge!


Mossy rocks along the beach. Everything is green in Wales.


We had a barbeque in one of those little coves, and the grassy area on the right is the sheep farm that my husband’s family owns. Can you imagine waking up to this every morning?


Sheep are EVERYWHERE in Wales, and wool is one of their biggest industries. Here a herd of sheep from the farm runs toward me. Panic!

Luckily I used my mad herding skills (previously nonexistant) to direct the sheep across the road and into another field, where they were going to be sheered. Look at all the baby sheep – I think the one on the far right is posing for the camera.

I hope you enjoyed all my posts featuring my photos from the UK, and that you get to visit there someday!