Visit to the UK, Part 2: Kent

In June my husband and I traveled to the UK to visit his family and attend his sister’s wedding. You can also check out Part 1, where we visited the Tower of London.

After spending a few days in London my husband and I traveled to the county of Kent in southeast England. The wedding was in a small town called Hythe, which is south of the White Cliffs of Dover.


The view from our hotel room on the morning of the wedding – the weather cleared up just in time!


The wedding was held at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, which has a historic manor house and gardens along with the zoo. It was a beautiful place for a wedding – I particularly liked this hippopotamus fountain.


This is the manor house, where the ceremony and reception were both held.

Part of the manor house, covered in white flowers. I want to steal their gardener.


A peaceful fountain in a nook below the manor house. The perfect spot for a romantic scene!


While the bride and groom took photos, the guests were sent on a safari through the wild animal park. The safari was a lot of fun and we got to see many different animals – including the rhinos above.


There is nothing like seeing wild giraffes relaxing in the lush English countryside!


A group of baby wildebeests hang out in the grass, with their parents watching over them. All the animals were just happy that it stopped raining for a change.


Kent is a beautiful county, often called the “Garden of England.” That day it was clear enough to see across the fields and all the way to the ocean. If you ever visit the UK I highly recommend visiting the area!


And for good measure, a photo of us all dressed up in front of that fountain.

Come back later for Part 3, where I visit Wales and nearly get run over by sheep. Hey, there are a lot of sheep in Wales!