Ode To My Writing Area

Today the Rejectionist posted pictures of her writing area and called for others to post their own.

Here is where I write:


On my desk I have the most important things for writing: coffee mug, kitchen timer, pens, and a notebook.

Our office doubles as the dog room, so there are a lot of dog beds and toys floating around. When we bought the house this room had ugly green indoor-outdoor carpet and ancient metallic blinds. We just redid the floors and put in heat reducing blinds, and it makes the room so much nicer to work in. Next I want to replace all the black furniture with something lighter, but for now it is a great space to write in.

Under my desk there is always at least one little muse sleeping. The dogs help me write by serving as foot warmers.


So that is my writing space – as you probably expected, it is full of doggies. Where do you write?