Nerding Up For Comic Con

Early tomorrow (4am or so, ugh) I will be on my way to Comic Con for four days with my wonderful (and very tolerant) husband. Our bags are packed, our directions and tickets are printed out, and the spreadsheet with our schedule is prepared. This is our third year and I have every minute mapped out for maximum Comic Con experiences. Yes, I am a little crazy.

And after going over our options, we decided to dress up as members of the Nerd Herd from my favorite TV show Chuck! There will be a Chuck meet up on Friday night (which also happens to be my birthday!) at 8pm at Bar Ninety, and then the Chuck panel will be Saturday at 10am. We will be dressed up for both events! Check out our props, including badges we made, props from the NBC Store and of course, a pocket protector:

nerdherd 001

I’m going to as many panels and events as I can and will report back here next week with all the scoop. There might even be an epic Comic Con swag contest in the near future…

You can also follow me on Twitter, where I will be tweeting about Comic Con events and posting photos - I’m there as @lizwrites.

And next week I will be at SCBWI LA – so if you’re going to that, maybe we can meet up!