Comic Con 2010 Part 2: CHUCK!

Yesterday I talked about some of the best things about Comic Con, but I left out my favorite thing: Chuck!

Chuck is a TV show on NBC that you should watch if you like spies, nerdy pop culture references, action, romance, and the underdogs becoming heroes. It is smart, sexy, and funny, the cast is amazing both on and off screen, and it is my favorite show on TV right now.

This year at Comic Con the husband and I dressed up for the first time, as members of the Nerd Herd. The Nerd Herd are the tech guys at the Buy More (a Best Buy knockoff), where Chuck works his day job. I promised pictures of our costumes, so here you go:


On Friday night a bunch of Chuck fans hosted a tweetup, so of course we went in our costumes. It was held at a bar that was a bit too loud and dark for my taste, but had great alcohol.

We talked with a few people and had some drinks, and then half the cast of Chuck showed up! I was lucky enough to be standing right in front of them too!

comiccon 045

Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin), Morgan (Josh Gomez), Chuck (Zachary Levi), and Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence)

comiccon 038

Big Mike with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) 

comiccon 041The cast went out of their way to stop by, and they were friendly and gracious to everyone, even when mobbed by a huge group of eager fans. How many other actors would do this for their fans?

comiccon 042

Captain Awesome even unbuttoned his shirt a little…

comiccon 048

And Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) posed for a photo with me. She was so nice and gorgeous too!

That night we stumbled home from the bar after two many Cosmos (ok maybe that was just me), knowing we had to do it all again in the morning. So I washed our costumes in the hotel sink at midnight using Dove body wash and wondered – how do the serious cosplayers do this for four days straight???

Then we got up at 6am and got in line for the Chuck panel at 10am. So in the below photo I was really tired… but check out my awesome Mockingjay pin!

nerdherdliz The husband in his Nerd Herd hat, rocking the pocket protector.


Looking at these photos makes me wonder if we accidentally switched ties during the costume cleaning ordeal. Mine was supposed to be the skinny tie…hmm…

After many long hours of waiting we got inside, and the Chuck panel begun. Jeffster opened it up with a music video for Bad Romance, which was hilarious, although there was no way it could ever top last year’s performance of Fat Bottom Girls. Check out the music video below…at the end you can see the entire cast dance their way on stage.

After the music video they told us that Linda Hamilton was going to be playing Chuck’s mom this season! At first I couldn’t believe it – it was too good to be true! Then the cast and producers talked about their plans for the upcoming season, and some of the guest stars they will have – including the Old Spice guy.

The panel was great but too short (they wouldn’t let them do a Q&A), and they gave away Nerd t-shirts to a few lucky people. I wanted one, but alas I didn’t win… but that was ok because I DID win a fan designed poster (in green, my favorite color) signed by the cast!

comiccon 091The Chuck poster likes to hang out with its new buddy, the Incarceron poster.

So that was my crazy amazing Chuck experience at Comic Con. Come back tomorrow for my last Comic Con post, where I’ll go over a few of the book panels and post more photos!