Comic Con 2010 Part 1: The Best and the Worst

Comic Con was amazing and tiring and fun and painful and disappointing – all at once. There is nothing else like it.  Here is a roundup of the best and worst things at Comic Con this year, with some photos (click to see bigger).

The Best:

1) The amazing JJ Abrams/Joss Whedon panel! It was genius to put these two geek legends together on a panel, just talking about their sources of inspiration and upcoming projects. Both of them are so ridiculously smart, clever, and funny, they just make everyone else look bad. My favorite part was when the moderator asked if we would see a Bad Robot vs. Mutant Enemy fight and Joss said, “or a kiss?”

ZZ40C8AB4DI want to touch them and hope their genius rubs off on me a little.

2) Seeing celebrities hang out at my hotel, which seemed to be where the studios had many of them stay. Stefan from Vampire Diaries was in the elevator with us (he even gave me a little smile), Astrid from Fringe was in our hotel lobby, Rob Perlman was being mobbed by photographers by the entrance, and the entire cast of V was relaxing in our hotel bar area for a long time.

comiccon 092 Here’s where I tried to take a photo of the V cast while walking by so I wouldn’t seem like a total fangirl and disturb them, and then it came out all blurry. SIGH!

3) Video Games Live! This was our second time, and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes video games and music (it is perfect for kids too). The highlights were when they played the God of War music, and when they brought out the steampunk guitar for Halo.

comiccon 109This guitar also gives +10 to sniping.

4) The costumes! Steampunk was big this year, as were zombies and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim. Here are some of my favorites: 

comiccon 117 This guy’s time machine was amazing!

comiccon 097 Some cute steampunky guys.

comiccon 095 Caught this group of villains on their way up the escalator.

comiccon 023A Predator family invades our hotel lobby!

5) Clever advertising. For the upcoming movie Machete, Robert Rodriguez and members of the cast had a taco truck where they handed out free tacos. The Skyline guys had little foam men (below) floating into the air outside our hotel, and the Scott Pilgrim team had a garlic bread truck handing out free treats.

comiccon 022I want to hug it.

comiccon 021 This one got ripped apart by the wind.

6) The Exhibit Hall – total madness!

comiccon 029 The WB Booth, while the Big Bang Theory signing was going on.

comiccon 118Life size Lego Harry Potter display.

comiccon 126 Tron light cycle - insanely cool in person.

comiccon 013 TRIBBLES!!!

 The Worst:

1) Missing panels because you had to choose between two awesome ones, or because the lines were two long. We waited two hours to see Angelina Jolie at the Salt panel and then didn’t get in – we were right at the front of the line when they cut it off too. I also had to miss Scott Westerfeld (one of my favs) to see the JJ/Joss panel, which was a tough choice to make. There is just way too much cool stuff at Comic Con – it is impossible to see it all.

2) The insane amount of walking, standing in line, pushing through crowds, waiting, and so forth. Even in comfortable shoes my feet took a beating and were killing me the entire time. I had many blisters by the end of the convention.

comiccon 008This is the wait to cross the street out of the convention. My husband is in the middle of the photo, stuck in the crowd. Yeah I kinda ran off without him. Oops. 

3) The food: you have a choice of (ridiculously expensive) pizza, nachos, hot dogs, and pretzels. Or for the really adventurous, pretzel dogs. My body is still recovering!

comiccon 007 If you brave the restaurants outside of the convention center, this is the crowd you have to fight your way through.

4) The staff, which this year ranged from incompetent to rude to downright hostile. In contrast, the volunteers at Comic Con were helpful, friendly, and happy to be there… so there was really no reason for the staff to be such jerks to everyone.

5) The stabbing in Hall H – just awful. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but it caused a huge disturbance and gives the wrong impression of Comic Con. Most of the people there are pretty cool and friendly (hey we’re all nerds after all) – but I guess it just takes one crazy person to spoil the fun.

comiccon 127 This is the Marvel booth featuring Odin’s throne from the upcoming Thor movie… and the massive crowd that was always in front of it.

In my next two posts I will go over all the Chuck activities (including photos of us in costume), and talk about the book panels we went to. Plus, more photos!