Retro Dogs: The Destruction Of Moo

This post was originally written in 2003 for my old blog, and features Megan and her best friend Sara, who is watching over us from heaven now.

Megan and Sara are worried that I’m not portraying their vicious, attack dog sides enough, so this post is for them.

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This is one of their favorite toys…


I call it Moo because when you squeeze it, the toy tries to moo like a cow. It really sounds like it’s hacking up something nasty, but at least it tries.

One day I came home from work to find it in pieces.


The poor cow! I wonder what happened? Good thing it was all caught on camera.

First the girls ripped off its leg…  


Then an arm and a head…


Until nothing was left but its little torso.


Oh you naughty girls!

DCP_0011We didn’t do it! Really!

Lucky for them Moo is meant to come apart into many pieces. With a little Velcro magic the toy can be put back together and the fun can start all over again.


Too bad his little antler can’t be magically fixed like the rest of him. Oh well.

valentines Yes, we are ferocious. Really.