Love Letter To My Literary Crush: Harry Dresden

In honor of Eclipse coming out today (which I will be seeing tonight with my girls – woohoo!) Frankie is hosting a blogfest for love letters to your literary crush(es).

I may be in the minority here, but my literary crush is not from a YA book. My crush is Harry Dresden, wizard for hire, from the series The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

 Harry Dresden

Dear Harry,

You had me from your ad in the yellow pages, the only thing listed under “wizard.” I know you don’t do love potions, but with the way your love life has turned out, maybe you should reconsider. If not, I’m here for you.

Not every guy can pull off the five o’clock shadow, enchanted leather coat, and long rune covered staff, but you can. Not every guy can drive around Chicago in a beat up, multicolored, patchwork of a VW called the Blue Beetle and still be cool, but you are.


Yes, you’re not very subtle and often quick to anger, and you can be really stubborn and kind of a wise ass, but I know you’ll fight to the death to protect those you care about. Even when you suffer for it (and oh man, have you suffered), you always stick to what you know is right. Hey, you don’t have a tombstone waiting for you that reads “He died doing the right thing” for nothing.

Keeping Chicago – and the world – safe from supernatural foes is a tough job, but you rise to the challenge every time and never lose your sense of humor. My favorite thing about you is your wit and the way you make me laugh, even when I am terrified for your life.

Ok, so you live with a loud-mouth spirit who loves trashy romance novels, you short out all electrical equipment near you, and all your relationships end in tragedy. You’re still my favorite literary hero and I love you more in every book. Even when you’re being an idiot.


Because really, how can you NOT love a man who reanimates a T-rex and then rides it around Chicago?

If you haven’t read the Dresden Files yet, you should start with the first book Storm Front. Then you too can fall in love with Harry.