Puppies Vs. Your Yard

Last week we talked about how destructive puppies can be in your house – chewing up your couch, your shoes, even a collectible toy. Maybe you think, “that’s ok, we’ll let our dog play in the yard a lot!” We thought that too – in fact we bought this house specifically because it had a big yard (for Los Angeles anyway).

But I am here to tell you that letting your puppies run around your yard is a bad idea. Especially if your dogs are white.

stairs time to play!

And like to run around.

bunnies I am a bunny weeee

And like to dig.

digging lets see who can make the biggest hole ok

And like to play in the dirt.

dogsinholeI don’t even know those other two dogs

And like to eat things on the ground.

gabbygrassnom nom nom 

Including sprinklers.

sprinklernomnom nom splash

And like to play in the water from the sprinklers.

muddylook we took our own baths. go us

And like to “help” you garden.

dogdirtwe spread this soil all over your patio. you’re welcome

No yard is safe from the chaotic force of puppies. Whether they are inside or out, the little demons will destroy your stuff and get into as much trouble as possible. Good thing they are so cute.

grassI got you! no I got YOU!

Come back next Wednesday for more photos of my dogs being little monsters!