Puppies or Demons?

Oh, puppies. Is there anything cuter?

It is inevitable - you see a puppy and think, “Aw look at that cute little puff ball!”

 ella I would never destroy your favorite shoes

That's how they get you. Because inside each of these baby dogs is an evil chewing monster with little piranha teeth.


If you recall from my previous dog post, we have two puppies (plus another young dog) in our house. Having two puppies can be a good thing because they keep each other entertained and tire each other out.

wrestle one of them must be upside down at all times

But this also means double the destruction.

wingchair I didn’t do it

Last week we came home and found a truly horrifying scene. 

barbie2 we call her lefty

Somehow the dogs found one of my collector’s Barbies from my childhood and… gnawed on her a little. Sequins and gauze littered the room like prom night gone wrong. I’m still picking up tiny beads off the floor.

But the real question was, where did they get this doll from?

IMG_1090 ninjas? thieves? nope - puppies

Yep, the puppies chewed through the side of this cardboard box and pulled the Barbie out of the hole they made. How did they even know it was in there?

This is not the first time they have done something like this. A few months ago I ordered a bunch of shoes for my wedding, but none of them worked so I planned to return them. I packaged all the shoes in a huge, thick box, taped it closed, and put it on the dinning room table. When I came back later the pups had somehow opened the box (which was still on the table), got out one shoebox and shredded it, then tore the satin shoes inside to a million pieces. I wish I had taken photos, but I was a little put off by the destruction of shoes which I now couldn’t return. Maybe my dogs just have a thing for cheap, white satin?

best friendscurrently plotting their next heist

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that puppies are not cute little dogs but actually mini demons who like nothing more than ripping your stuff to pieces. If not, next Wednesday I’ll show you what they’ve done to our yard…