Dogs Vs. The New Ball

We got a new ball and thought the dogs might like it. So we threw it across the patio for them.

runningballquick, don’t let the fake dog get it!

But the ball was a little big and only Gabby, the baby, had any interest in it.

dogsballplaying with toys is hard work

Gabby really wanted to carry the ball around but it was a bit big for her.

gabbynickiballdo you need help with that?


gabbyballyes this ball is bigger than my head

But then she got bored anyway.

gabbyboredwhat do you mean, 3 second attention span?

So imagine our surprise when we left them alone with the ball for a few minutes, and then came back to find this.

deadball balls are for noms

Maybe this was not such a good idea… especially since pieces of the ball are now all over the yard!