Comic Con Costume?

Every year husband and I go to San Diego Comic Con. I LOOOVE Comic Con! My husband is getting tired of me saying every week, "I wish it was Comic Con RIGHT NOW!"

pikaHanging at Comic Con 2007 with my buddy Pikachu

This year I have decided to dress up for the first time. But what to dress up as?

I have a couple rules for costumes:

1) Nothing skimpy – no one wants to see my chubby ass in a Slave Leia costume.
2) Nothing that requires huge hair or a ton of makeup – I already wake up at 5am to get in the Hall H line, let's not make it worse here.
3) Nothing that is super warm or heavy – Comic Con is in San Diego at the end of July. I will not die of heat stroke for my nerdity.
4) Nothing that requires any sewing skillz, because I have none. I have to be able to buy the costume or pieces of it.

I would love a book themed costume, but most books don’t have recognizable clothing or costumes. Dressing up as Bella would only make you stand out as that fool wearing flannel in 100 degree weather. I’d love to dress as Katniss in one of her fire dresses but I doubt I can pick that up at Target.

With all that in mind, here are a few ideas I had:

plus-princess-leia-costume Princess Leia
Pros: Easy to find a costume, and makes you instantly recognizable as a Star Wars geek.
Cons: Way too overdone, and I have no idea how to do that hair.


Random Jedi or Sith Lord
Pros: Lightsaber and wicked cool cloak!
Cons: Everyone and their dog dresses like a Jedi, and they might confiscate the lightsaber as a weapon.


Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
Pros: Super easy - I can find all the clothes at my nearest department store
Cons: I will look like every other awkward geek with glasses there.


Star Trek crew member
Pros: The dress is on Think Geek!
Cons: The dress looks more like a thin cotton nightgown than an actual dress.  Plus I’m not really a Trekkie.


Hermione Granger or Hogwarts Student
Pros: I got that nerdy disheveled hair thing down.
Cons: Not sure this costume works for anyone above 14 or so. I couldn’t find any adult Hermione costumes that weren’t “sexy.”


Alexia from Soulless and Changeless
Pros: Book related! Obscure but even if no one recognizes the character it will be cool because of the steampunk aspect.
Cons: Costume would probably be expensive and not very comfortable in long lines. Plus, I don’t really look like her (I’d be a better Ivy).


Nerd Herd member from Chuck
Pros: I can buy the pieces for this costume anywhere ( even has the lanyards and badges) and Chuck is my favorite show. Plus it won’t be too hot or uncomfortable, and my husband and I can go out to dinner afterwards and not look like idiots. Just people who wear matching clothes. Ok, still idiots.
Cons: This costume might be too subtle for Comic Con. We’ll just look like random corporate types who should be working the Best Buy booth.


So those are some of my ideas. Now I need your help. Do you have a favorite costume from above? Or do you have any other amazing ideas for costumes? Give me your suggestions!