Bichon Bash!

On Saturday my husband and I went to the Bichon Bash – a fundraiser for Bichon FurKids, a great dog rescue that we volunteer for. We adopted the puppies Ella and Gabby from them, so naturally they came with us! (Don’t worry, the other dogs went to my mom’s house where they were loved and spoiled, so they had a good time too.)

carride Gabby and Ella in the car – they are so excited!

The Bichon Bash is an event they have every year for volunteers and people who have adopted dogs from them. The bash was held at the Irvine Animal Care Center, which we had never been to before. Wow, this place is AMAZING! And it is actually run by the city of Irvine as their animal shelter. When you picture the city shelter, aka “the pound,” you imagine a dark depressing place with sick, sad animals. That is SO not the case here! This place has a huge fenced in grassy area for dogs to run around, a big room where the cats lounge about, an area for farm animals to graze, and even a place for ferocious bunny rabbits.

hungrybunny Bunnyzilla

When we arrived there were already hundreds of people and fluffy dogs there. It was crazy! We let Ella and Gabby off their leash and then they vanished into the crowd…

bichonbash3Are my dogs here?

bichonbash5Nope… how about here?

bichonbash1 Have you seen them?

blitzHey, I think that is Ella in the middle…

Eventually we found them hanging out with some new friends.

ellaboyfriend Ella meets a cute boy!

gabbyfriendGabby sits with a new buddy – who is up for adoption! 

But we soon realized that our dogs were totally underdressed for the occasion.

reddressReady for the after party.

bichonbash2Pink is really IN this summer.

pinkears This one even had hot pink ears!

We all had a great time at the Bichon Bash and hope that the rescue raised lots of money. The puppies can’t wait for next year’s party!

gabbybunnyGabby is actually a bunny with really long legs.

tiredellaElla is worn out after a day of chasing boys. Teenagers!